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Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao
Jasper Hotel Banqiao

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Spa(Coming soon)

Located on the 17th floor, the tranquil space of the SPA center with its Japanese Zen-style demonstrates a low-profile luxury, while the warm-colored light guides the entrance; one may enjoy the artificial carbonated hot spring specially imported from Japan while admiring the night sky to relieve tense skin and restore energy. The black silica stone SPA effectively stimulates the body’s metabolism and eliminates fatigue; the aromatherapy SPA massage provides oneself with a completely relaxed vacation.


Shin Kong Concert Hall

The Shin Kong Concert Hall organizes aperiodic music fests , inviting international pianist Yu-Hsiang Chen to act as the art director and has introduced the first NT$10-million dollar worth new Steinway piano in Taiwan.

JX Fitness

The gym club provides diverse of energetic courses, including the globally popular “Bungee Workout” and Zumba, as well as yoga…etc.

Located@1/2F, Jaspervilla Banqiao

Operation hour: 07:00-22:00 (Sun-Fri)