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Covering diversified themed delicacy restaurants to satisfy the gourmands’ taste buds, each bite is the ideal work from the ingenious research and development as well as high quality and technical skills of the chef’s team, starting from the selection of food ingredients to the presentation of the plate setting, which are all expected to introduce the most delicious and aesthetic dishes to the travelers in order to create profound memories.


“BRAVO” hopes to introduce not only beer and gourmet food to everyone but also the passion towards life. Here, you may listen to the music and forget about all stresses in the romantic ambiance filled with tipsiness. We provide over 160 types of Belgium beers to you, along with delicacies including fresh rolled and baked handmade pizza, all types of meticulously prepared spaghetti, risotto, steaks and platters…etc., allowing all friends visiting the store to enjoy the pleasant wonders of life.



With 4 years of research and development, the founder came up with the classic formula and named it after the Italian Goddess, Louisa. Protecting the principle of allowing all coffee lovers to drink a quality cup of coffee and persisting in the passion towards the boutique coffee culture, he established the first physical store in 2006, thereby unveiling the world blueprint for the Louisa Boutique Coffee’s chain store brand.


Tan Shou

Small hotpot dishes are commonly seen dishes in daily life in which you can put all the foods that you like.

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SUN BERNO(Under Preparation)

Healthy and beautiful vegetarian dishes make a happier life.