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Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao near Banqiao MRT, High Speed Rail Banqiao Station
Jasper Hotel Banqiao

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Conceived with the heritage of Shin Kong Group in business diversity, the people-oriented Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao is the number one choice for global travelers, given its homy setting that allows for the peace of mind of the guests. The hotel is located at Banqiao District of New Taipei, which was previously known as “the bridge” channeling the prosperity and essence between north and south Taiwan. This is a memorable lodging place for all hotel guests. The hotel was rated as an excellent hotel of New Taipei in 2021 and has won the “Gold Award,” the best of its kind in hotel service.

In proximity to 3 railway lines for easy commuting in Taipei and New Taipei

Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao is in proximity to the Xinban Special District. It just takes 8 minutes of walking to go to the Banqiao Station of the Yellow Line or the Xinpu Station of the Bannan Line. The hotel has also arranged a courtesy bus service for the hotel guests in commuting between the hotel and the special district. Visitors may visit a number of well-known scenic places in Taipei like the “Lung Shan Temple” and “Ximending” by just taking the MRT for about 10 minutes. Indeed, the hotel is conveniently located with a wide array of choices available in food and beverages, entertainment, shopping, and visits of historic sites. With the launch of the service of the Taoyuan Airport MRT Line, international visitors can just take the MRT and alight at Banqiao Station, which is a short walking distance to Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao.

Relax in a city of exotic taste

The SPA at the 17th floor of the hotel is designed with a SPA (artificial carbonated hot spring) and Hokkaido silicon stone spa in the landscape of a tranquil setting. This is an ideal place for soothing your nerves and body after a hectic long journey. The weak acidity of the carbonated hot spring (pH 5.0–5.5) is almost the same as human skin that helps to keep your skin moist while vitalizing your blood circulation. The SPA is at the 17th floor, which is at the top of the hotel. You can just relax at the hot spring while enjoying the skyline of the metropolitan city of New Taipei and the surrounding high-rise buildings. Natural silica stone is used for the stone spa, which will release FIR and negative ions under heat. Once you lie down on the stone pad, you will feel completely refreshed under the effective stimulation of metabolism.

A union of renowned F&B brands, stimulate your taste buds and turn your appetite on

The 2nd floor of the hotel housed the first restaurant of the “Tan Shou” brand in Taiwan. It bears the English name of “Tan Shou,” similar to the pronunciation of “take it while it’s still hot” in Taiwanese dialect. It means the serving of hearty and tasty hot pot cuisines. The house soup base is prepared by simmering a variety of food ingredients under a distinctive recipe of the chef. The food is served in a great variety of Taiwanese food ingredients under the meticulous arrangement of the chef that makes your visit worthwhile. The “SUN BERNO” restaurant is also located on the 2nd floor. The name of this restaurant means brightness and warmth (SUN) and most delicious (BERNO) in Italian. This place serves fresh, healthy, and innovative Italian gourmet coffee and exotic vegetarian food. You can enjoy the food without being worried about the burden of your digestion. The “Silvery Kitchen” serves food prepared from produce of local farmers with low salt and fat, which is healthy and particularly suitable for supper for the whole family. Silvery Kitchen also provides a customized catering service to meet the diversity of needs of different customers in banquet service.

The “Vivid and Aerobic, Pleasure Sharing” Jasper Aerobic Park

The “Jasper Aerobic Park” is in the immediate area of Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao professed at “sharing for all ages” with medical and healthcare, security, and the professional hotel management services of Jasper. The “Shin Kong Jasper Villa Banqiao,” a five-star hotel setting apartment, and the JX Health Club, Silvery Kitchen, A+ Beauty Parlour, Shin Kong Health Clinic, and Shin Kong Concert Hall are housed in the park. This park is dedicated for the LOHAS lives of the many under the notion of a sharing economy.