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Jasper Young Hotel Banqiao near Banqiao MRT, High Speed Rail Banqiao Station
Jasper Hotel Banqiao

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The extension of Shin Kong’s diversified industry management represents a sturdy persistence, carrying each and every wonderful memory of travelers here through the cross-industry establishment of a business hotel, while also allowing accommodated travelers to feel like being in a “LOHAS Co-Living Community” with optimized resources instead of restricted to single hall facilities, thereby allowing for the experience of the unique urban charisma of the New Banqiao Special District.

In 2016, Shin Kong has made development in Youkukou, selecting the New Banqiao Special District – the hub of New Taipei City in the vicinity of Banqiao shopping and commercial centers as well as Zhongshan Junior High School cultural education district to build the Jasper Villa New Banqiao LOHAS Co-Living Park, including diversified management such as the construction of premium Shin Kong Concert Hall, comprehensive post-partum care center, professional health management center, high-end smart Jasper Villa Banqiao housing, energetic Shin Kong Gym Club and Jasper Villa Banqiao…etc., thereby connecting local medical, sports, macrobiotic and LOHAS elements…etc. in order to revitalize the local convenient life circle, and to create the mutually prosperous and communal community concepts.

Based on the principles of “human-orientation” and the sense of belonging to a “home,” the Jasper Hotel Banqiao is the first choice for travelers to stay with peace of mind. With its geographical convenience, it saves time and provides convenience for domestic and international business travelers; visitors from the post-partum care center or the Jasper Villa Banqiao housing within the district may also take a break here; the Shin Kong Jasper Villa Life Circle is capable of satisfying all of one’s needs regarding dining, clothing, accommodation and transportation!